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A 2012 promo for the revived Cartoon Planet. Upon airing, it received critical acclaim from nostalgic Cartoon Network fans, with some saying, "Cartoon Network is finally hearing us". for Cartoon Planet and also due to the recent revival of Toonami. Also noted is the Cartoon Network appearing in full at the end of the promo, albeit in square lettered font.

Cartoon Planet is an animated variety show that originally premiered in 1995 on TBS Superstation and continued its run from 1996 to 1997 on Cartoon Network. A spin-off of the animated Space Ghost Coast to Coast talk show, the premise was that Space Ghost had recruited his imprisoned evil arch-nemesis Zorak and his loud and extremely dimwitted archenemy Brak to assist him in hosting a variety show, while Moltar is absent this time.

As part of Cartoon Network's 20th Anniversary, Cartoon Planet was revived in an effort to gain more ratings. The newly revived block premiered on Friday, March 30, 2012, at 8pm/7c and ran until February 8, 2014, in a different format. The block featured old classic shows hosted by Zorak and Brak (Space Ghost is absent due to the block's more tight budget).[1]

Shows featured on Cartoon Planet


  • The Cartoon Planet logo was shown in Crossover Nexus, among logos for other Cartoon Network blocks.
  • Robot Jones, Sheep in the Big City, Mike, Lu & Og, Time Squad, and Squirrel Boy didn't air on the block.


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