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July 14, 2008

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Movie Madness

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Cartoon Network Flicks, or simply Flicks, was a former weekend programming block launched in the Summer of 2008 that aired movies, and that replaced Movie Madness.

Before programming, the quote "Let's catch a flick, with the Flicks" would be stated, and then the programming would soon air.

The block featured animated theatrical feature films, animated made-for-TV feature films, animated direct-to-video/DVD films, films made for Cartoon Network, and live-action films.

The name of the block was changed on Christmas to "Flicksmas". On July 3, 2010, "Flicks" were rebranded with a live-action human family, no longer containing the Noods. It was later hosted by internet personality KevJumbua (Kevin Wu), and finally, the sentient C and N letters from the current network logo along with a dog named "Flicksy" began hosting.

Programming (during the block's run and after the cancellation of the block)


  • The Flicks ticket logo appeared in the OK K.O.! Let's be Heroes episode, Crossover Nexus.
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