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The current logo for Cartoon Network that is used since 2006.

Cartoon Network Nordic is a television channel broadcasting youth and children's programmes to Sweden, Norway, Denmark , Finland and Iceland. The channel was created in 2000 when it replaced the Pan-European version of Cartoon Network in the region.

Cartoon Network was originally twinned with movie channel TNT in a pan-European version. Cartoon Network ran from 6:00am until 8:00pm CET, with TNT taking over from 8:00pm to 6:00am CET. Some programmes on the pan-European feed were dubbed into Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. 1996, it became a 24-hour channel, as did TNT. However, a version of the channel called TNT & Cartoon Network continued to appear on some providers. In 2000, a regional Scandinavian version of Cartoon Network was created, broadcasting in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

Most of the programming comes with monophonic English, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian soundtracks. The self-imposed necessity to dub material into three languages takes a heavy toll on the availability of new programs in the feed, which may come late, in smaller amount or not come at all. Existing programming is heavily recycled. The feed has seen an upsurge of commercial advertising in recent years, despite being distributed only on pay-TV. Most of the commercials and announcements on English soundtrack are nevertheless in Swedish, Danish and/or Norwegian.Advertising is shown in Swedish.

In mid-May 2006, the Cartoon Network logo was changed from the original logo to the British one, as well as the pre-show idents and promos were changed to the British style. The Boomerang block was removed but most of its program content still remains in the channel.

In mid-May 2009, the idents and promos once again changed, now consisting of arrows, flying in and out of the Cartoon Network Logo.

Although the channel broadcasts around the clock, some distributors only broadcast the channel between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m., with Turner Classic Movies filling the remainder of the schedule. Distributors who only broadcast the partial version include Viasat, Telia Digital-tv and many smaller analogue cable systems.


Programs shown on the channel include:

On Sunday mornings and evenings, a movie is aired.


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