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Color Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
Cartoon Cartoons 32 November 6, 1998 August 23, 2002

Cartoon Cartoon Shorts (1998-2002)

After 4 shorts aired from 1998 to 1999, all Cartoon Cartoon shorts produced between 2000 and 2001 were entered in "The Big Pick", a contest to choose the newest Cartoon Cartoon. The shorts actually premiered on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays in the weeks leading up to "The Big Pick" and the winner was revealed during the actual event. The winners were The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, in 2000, and Codename: Kids Next Door, in 2001. In 2002, 8 new shorts premiered during Cartoon Cartoon Weekend Summerfest.

# Title Creator Original air date
01 Kenny and the Chimp in "Diseasy Does It!" Tom Warburton November 6, 1998[1]
A boy named Kenny, and his pet chimpanzee, Chimpy, must watch Professor XXXL's disease laboratory while he's away. However, Chimpy causes trouble for Kenny. The style of the short and the character Professor XXXL would be used on Codename: Kids Next Door.
02 Mike, Lu & Og in "Crash Lancelot" Charles Swenson
Mikhail Shindel
Mikhail Aldashin
November 7, 1998 [1]
A cast away girl named Mike asks for native inventor Og to build a car to get across the island. He also builds a specially improved model for princess Lu, which runs too fast for her. Pilot of Mike, Lu & Og.
03 King Crab: Space Crustacean Bill Wray August 21, 1999[2]
The youngest crew member of King Crab's intergalactic space cruiser has his body invaded by a life-sucking outer space parasite.
04 Thrillseekers: Putt 'n' Perish Debbi Cone 1999
A group of thrill seekers, Ashley, Joe and Otto, attempt to conquer the world's most dangerous golf course, "Putt & Perish".
05 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Meet the Reaper Maxwell Atoms June 9, 2000 [3]
Billy and Mandy are paid a visit by the Grim Reaper when he comes to collect the soul of Billy's hamster, Mr. Snuggles. Mandy then makes a bet with him in the form of a game: if Grim loses, he lets them keep Mr. Snuggles AND become their "best friend". Pilot to The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Grim & Evil. Winner of Cartoon Network's Big Pick marathon (2000).
06 Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? Greg Miller June 16, 2000[3]
Robot Jones learns that he has been put into a human public school that he must now attend. Pilot to Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?.
07 Trevor! in "Journey to Sector 5-G" Adam Shaheen June 23, 2000[3]
This cartoon follows the wild world of Trevor Braithwaite whose doodles dance right off the page.
08 Nikki Debby Solomon
Todd Kesler
June 30, 2000[3]
Two friends find unusual responses to their on-line postings after they try to cheer up a broken-hearted woman in the park.
09 Foe Paws Chris Savino July 7, 2000[3]
This cartoon follows the misadventures of an eccentric old woman who tries to replace her long lost children by dressing up her cat and dog in human clothes.
14 Uncle Gus: For the Love of Monkeys Lincoln Pierce July 14, 2000[3]
This cartoon follows the mishaps of a clumsy water-phobic cactus who helps save her family from a deadly drought at Cyclone Ranch.
11 Lucky Lydia in "Club Lydia" Arthur Filloy
Bob Camp
July 21, 2000[3]
This cartoon follows the unwittingly lucky Lydia Lucas, who is raised by half-crazy parents and narrowly misses her demise at the hands of the Baxter Boys again and again.
12 Longhair and Doubledome: Good Wheel Hunting Gavrilo Gnatovich July 28, 2000[3]
This cartoon follows two philosophical cavemen who just dont fit into their prehistoric surroundings.
13 Lost Cat David Feiss August 4, 2000[3]
A crazy talking purple cat is wreaking havoc in town.
10 Prickles the Cactus Denis Morella August 11, 2000[3]
This cartoon follows the journey of a wily unemployed geezer and his rag-tailed bunch of friends as they travel to the zoo to reunite Uncle Gus with his AWOL fiancée.
15 Captain Sturdy: Back in Action Bill Waldner
Darrel Van Citters
Ashley Postlewaite
June 8, 2001 [4][5]
The long-retired Captain Sturdy must return to action when the Union of Super Heroes cancels his pension. Upon returning to duty, he discovers that the organization has lost sight of what it means to be a superhero and has become more concerned with political correctness and marketing deals than saving the world from the evil Moid's clutches.
16 Yee Hah & Doo Dah in Bronco Breakin' Boots Kenny Duggan June 15, 2001 [4]
A cowboy and his horse, Yee Hah and Doo Dah, reside in Manhattan's Central Park. Yee Hah enjoys the city life until he discovers that the city pavement is giving him a dreadful blister. Much to Doo Dah's dismay, he decides to stop walking and ride his horse everywhere, thereby cramping Doo Dah's power-lunching lifestyle. Eventually, Doo Dah finds the real culprit behind Yee Hah's sore feet: the branding iron, tractor, etc. that Yee Hah has been hiding in his boots.
17 Imp, Inc. Charlie Bean June 22, 2001 [4]
Travelling in an orbiting meteor, three Imps are up for review and are offered the opportunity to help a poor farm couple by granting them their wish for desperately needed rain to help their crops. They manage to deliver rain, but their hopes for promotion come crashing down when their meteor smashes the couple's crops.
18 My Freaky Family John McIntyre June 29, 2001 [4]
It's Nadine's first day of school, a significant historical event considered by her mother to be one of many "milestone days" which must be documented with a photo. She manages to make it onto the school bus without being photographed, but her "freaky" family grabs the camera and jumps on the family multi-seater bicycle for a mortifying chase to catch up with her.
19 Major Flake: Soggy Sale Chris Kelly July 6, 2001 [4]
Major Flake, a frenetic French cereal mascot, and his grim sidekick, Sparkles must find a way to sell their rather unappealing Major Flake cereal before their boss, Sylvia Soggy, pulls the breakfast treat from store shelves.
20 Utica Cartoon: Hotdog Champeen Mike Milo July 13, 2001 [4]
When Dan Bear and Micah Monkey learn that they can get free hot dogs by beating the current hot dog eating record at their local diner, they are up for the challenge. Dan Bear reigns as hot dog champ by consuming loads of free hot dogs, continually beating his own record. For awhile he enjoys the free franks until beating the record becomes too much even for him.
21 Kids Next Door: No P in the Ool Tom Warburton July 20, 2001 [4]
When the villainous Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb extend the adult swimtime to extreme lengths at the neighborhood pool, the Kids Next Door plan to strike back with vengeance. Pilot of Codename: Kids Next Door. Winner of Cartoon Network's Big Pick marathon (2001).
22 Swaroop Mike Milo July 27, 2001 [4]
Swaroop and his family are trying to assimilate their Indian heritage with modern American culture. The differences become glaringly apparent when their neighbor brings home a cow to throw on the barbeque. Swaroop decides to hide the sacred cow before the neighbors can cook it for dinner.
23 Ferret and Parrot Scott Morse August 3, 2001 [4]
A ferret and parrot fight for the affection of a comic strip character. Meanwhile, their owner tries to get rid of ants that have infested the house.
24 A Kitty Bobo Show: Cellphones Kevin Kaliher
Meaghan Dunn
August 17, 2001 [4]
Kitty Bobo wants to prove that he's cool by getting a cell phone. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be receiving many important calls, thereby reducing his cool factor, so he begins to fake incoming calls. It's only a matter of time before everyone catches on to the farce.
25 Commander Cork: Space Ranger Mike Bell August 23, 2002 [6]
Commander Cork is an enthusiastic and overzealous, though not very bright, do-gooder. When he meets Peggy and Petey Paddle, a brother and sister duo who share a fascination with outer space, he decides to bring them with him on his wacky space adventures.
26 Jeffrey Cat: All Dogs Don't Go To Heaven Mark O'Hare August 23, 2002 [6]
Jeffrey Cat has never met a crime he couldn't lick. A surge in the pet population raises the need for a pet investigator. Jeffrey Cat, the sergeant on all pet-related cases, makes it his mission to safeguard the rights of all of the pets in the community. When a friendly dog is accused of attacking a neighbor, Jeffrey Cat smells a rat.
27 Longhair and Doubledome: Where There's
Smoke...There's Bob
Gavrilo Gnatovich August 23, 2002 [6]
In their second animated cartoon outing, Longhair and Doubledome discover fire. Having never before seen fire, Doubledome concludes that the blaze must be his son, Bob.
28 Maktar Gavrilo Gnatovich August 23, 2002 [6]
Slashing through our gassy universe, hurtling through our own Milky Way, an invader from the far reaches of Space comes knocking upon our atmospheric door. Sent by Zen and his Space Council, Maktar's mission is to conquer Earth. But, Maktar, a sniveling middle manager and galactic pushover, couldn't invade someone's privacy let alone conquer our Great Blue Planet.
29 Fungus Among Us Wes Archer August 23, 2002 [6]
Keeping clean is a dirty business, as the animated mascots from cleaning product commercials well know. Fungus Among Us follows the trials and tribulations of the fungus who must coexist with the cleaning agents that have been created to destroy them.
30 Low Brow George Krstic August 23, 2002 [6][7]
During a routine trip to the garbage dump, suburban misfit Coop discovers an advanced robot from the future. Coop brings the treasure home and retools it to suit his modern-day slacker needs. Pilot of Megas XLR.
31 Bagboy John Mathot August 23, 2002 [6]
Parker is a typical 14 year-old with the usual adolescent trials, except when he is a Bagboy. Carefully selected by the elite intergalactic council, known as the Bagi, Parker moonlights as a powerful superhero.
32 Colin Versus the World Stu Gamble August 23, 2002 [6]
Colin is a color-blind chameleon whose life is full of mishaps and blunders. While working as a shelf stocker at Cheapway's Supermarket, Colin passes the days with dreams of becoming a Lounge Lizard in Las Vegas.