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Care Bears: Unlock the Magic is an American animated animated children's television series produced by Cloudco Entertainment. The series premiered in the United States on Boomerang on February 1, 2019 and on Cartoon Network on April 16, 2019.


Care Bears: Unlock the Magic follows the adventures of good friends Good Luck, Funshine, Cheer, Grumpy, and Share Bear, as they embark from their life in Care-A-Lot on a new adventure through the Silver Lining, a strange world neighbored by the Whiffles, who are a group of innocently happy creatures that plant seeds to keep the magical land of Care-A-Lot and the neighboring Silver Lining growing. The Care Bears spread caring and sharing throughout the land as they learn to rely on their friendship, courage, and use a bit of their belly badge power.

However, the ego-driven nemesis of the Care Bears, Bluster and his Bad Crowd, try to stop them from succeeding at their mission, as his goal is to turn the Silver Lining into Blusterland. The Care Bears also retrieve help through the Caring Tower from their friends Bedtime, Tenderheart, and Wish Bear. Dibble the Whiffle accompanies the Care Bears along the way.

The Care Bears are sent on the road for the first time in this series, as they explore wonderful and never-before-seen areas that surround Care-A-Lot called the Silver Lining. Due to this, they meet new creatures and employ their powers and wits.