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June 17, 2009


May 28, 2010

CN Real is a former Cartoon Network programing block featuring live-action reality shows usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays that premiered on June 17, 2009, promoted by rock musician Andrew W.K.. It featured live-action shows such as The Othersiders, Bobb'e Says, Dude, What Would Happen, BrainRush, and Destroy Build Destroy, along with the acquired series Survive This. The block was created so the network could more effectively compete with Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, both of which had a large number of live-action programming.

Network executives and critics expressed concern about alienating Cartoon Network's core audience with this block, which heavily promoted live-action programming over cartoons. The concerns were well-founded, as none of the shows ended up building any ratings momentum, not even breaking the top ten programs aired on the network. The Othersiders and Survive This premiered on Wednesdays, while BrainRush and W.K.'s own Destroy Build Destroy premiered on Saturdays. On July 10, 2009, the network announced that CN Real would be consolidated into one Wednesday night block from July 15th onwards. Due to overwhelmingly poor reception, many shows in the block were prematurely canceled, except for Dude, What Would Happen? and Destroy Build Destroy.

The block ended in early 2010. Although new live-action shows were produced, the CN Real block was ultimately dropped after deeming the block a critical failure. Following this, it was also considered an inappropriate idea for the network as Cartoon Network has since been classified as a cartoon channel.