Betty Cohen
Known for: Founder and original president of Cartoon Network (1992–2001)
Suceded by: Jim Samples

Betty Cohen was the founder and original president of Cartoon Network from 1992 to 2001. The eras under her were Checkerboard (1992–1998), Starburst (1997–1998) and Powerhouse (1998–2001). Under her leadership, the network became a global phenomenon with asset value of nearly $3 billion. Cohen stepped down from her post in 2001, stating “I was afraid I would die the queen of cartoons.”[1] She was succeeded by Jim Samples.

Most recently, Cohen served as the CEO of Lifetime Entertainment, a leader in women’s television.

Under Cohen, Toonami, the Cartoon Cartoons, Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, Cartoon Orbit, the CheckerboardStarburst and Powerhouse eras, and much more were introduced to CN.

One of Cohen's favorite animated shows was Dexter's Laboratory.[2]

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