¡Mucha Lucha! is an animated television series. It premiered on Kids' WB on August 17, 2002. It was created by Eddie Mort and Lili Chin and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. It is the first animated television series created with Adobe Flash, a program often used for Internet cartoons. The show was also seen on Teletoon in Canada, CITV and Kix! in the UK, and Cartoon Network worldwide (including the US). It came back on in 2010 and ended in reruns.

The series is set in a town centered around Lucha libre (nearly everyone in the town has a mask and costume and a signature move) and is essentially about the adventures of three children, Rikochet, The Flea, and Buena Girl, as they struggle through the Foremost World-Renowned International School of Lucha, where they study.


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Rikochet is a young wrestler who is the main protagonist of the series. He considers himself the bravest of the group, but sometimes leaps before he looks.

The Flea

The Flea is a friend of Rikochet who is always dirty. As well as having a few disgusting habits, he is also the most nervous, but often proves to be a useful ally.

Buena Girl

Buena Girl is a smart young female wrestler who always plays by the rules.


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The series ran for 3 seasons totaling 52 episodes from August 17, 2002 to February 26, 2005 on Kids WB'. The series also aired in re-runs on Cartoon Network beginning on March 5, 2004. A straight-to-video movie titled ¡Mucha Lucha!: The Return of El Maléfico was also released in 2005.

In Other Media

  • A toy line based on the show was released by Jakks Pacific in 2003. In this toy line included "Mix-a-Lot" action figures; these had removable body parts that could be placed on the bodies of other action figures in the series. "Signature Move" action figures were also put out, along with a toy wrestling ring. However, the second series of the toy line was cancelled.
  • During summer of 2003, DC Comics published a three-issue mini-series of comic books based on ¡Mucha Lucha! All three of the stories featured in these comic books were written by Eddie Mort, and have even been occasionally referenced in the TV series. The three issues were:

El Rey, Come Home! It's All Buena! Limbo of the Lost Luchadores!

  • The show was licensed for a Game Boy Advance video game Mascaritas of the Lost Code in late 2003, and also a Sony PlayStation 2 video game Mysterioso Grande was slated for release but was cancelled around 2004 as the creators could not find a publisher.
  • Mucha Lucha means Much Fight in Spanish
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